August 6th, 2010

I became a Christian 11 years ago and found that it was a surprisingly lonely path.

At first, I didn’t notice because there were so many people and opinions and ways of doing things.

Few people wanted to talk about how you make the transition from the ‘world’ to the Kingdom, from the way I was to the way that Jesus modeled. If I asked, everyone had a list of rules and everyone insisted that their rules came straight from the Bible. There was little interest in talking about the journey itself, the obstacles and joys, the defeats and the victories.

I need to talk about the process. It helps me to sort things out, to clarify fuzzy thinking.

This blog will be part journal entries from the past, part essays and part (I hope) discussion about other people’s experiences and  stories, as well as my own. Mostly though I am hoping to create a place where we, as followers of Christ, can speak honestly about where we are on this journey.

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